I”M BACK!!!!!

Yes..I Know… I left you all… I am sorry but I’m back and that should make up for the few months I left you guys..

What? You want to know where I’ve been – Fine! I been helping out a young budding writer, boost her confidence and get her work out there!!

Please check it out! http://www.wattpad.com/story/24196887-the-principal%27s-daughter

Very interesting first story she’s putting out there and I’m trying to help get her to update – Yes, I know very hypocritical since I haven’t been updating but I promise to change…small steps ladies, small steps.

I’ve created a Wattpad profile to read some super interesting work from writers around the world and I have to say, I am super impressed! Who knew there was so much talent in the world just waiting to be shared!

Other news? Well I’m coming up on my first year anniversary in May so if anyone has some interesting and not over done ideas for a celebration, just let me know!

Looking forward to posting more often and getting to know all of you ladies better!


❤ Lady K


Keeping it homemade…

HI Ladies,

I want to try a new idea for easy homemade recipes that will cut down the time you spend in the kitchen and allow you to spend more time on yourself…

The first recipe is for biscuits… these biscuits can be topped with anything or have toppings added in before baking… This recipe also happens to be freezable!!! How awesome!

Make a big batch in the beginning of the month and every weekend you can pop a few out and bake them for the week ahead – This is also helpful for those guests that just pop by without notification… You can always be a great host to your guests if your always prepared for them even when they trying to catch you off guard…

Enjoy this recipe… More to come…

  • 4 cups flour
  • 2 Tablespoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup shortening, butter, or coconut oil (I used all coconut oil in the last batch and it worked well, but they did taste a little coconut-y.)
  • 1 3/4 cup milk

Mix dry ingredients together. Add in the shortening or butter and mix until crumbly. (If you have one, you can use a Kenwood or food processor to save time and effort). Add in the milk and mix until a ball forms.

Roll out onto a floured surface and cut into biscuits.

To Freeze: Freeze on a cookie sheet for 1-2 hours. Then remove and place in a airtight freezer bag.

To Bake: Pull the desired number of biscuits out and let thaw for 30 minutes to an hour. Bake at 450 degrees for 8-12 minutes. You can bake them straight from the freezer but they won’t rise much.

Until next time…

❤ Lady K

Goals for the end of the year

Hi Ladies,

I’ve recently registered for Blogging 201 – Although my friends and family have supported me in my writing and expressed their love for my way with words, It’s always nice to get a strangers opinion. That’s not my reason for starting this blog, It’s just one of the contributing factors.

On Facebook, I made a friend nearly 2 years ago, who shares the same passion I do for words and the way they string together to form comprehensive sentences. I may have awhile to go before I reach her status but she’s an inspiration to my writing. This is perhaps due to the fact that she is apart of a small group of the “homo sapien sub species – Grammaticus nazious” (her own words) which is a little scary considering the fact she’s likely going to read this post and critique my work. 🙂

In the Blogging 201 course, they’ve asked us to set 3 goals as the assignment of the day. After some careful consideration I’ve decided on 3 that are simple to most but may be a challenge for me. I am still trying to find my niche in this writing world we all visit from time to time but they are personal to me and I believe fairly achievable.

Goal 1

* Keep my blog personal

This is going to be my escape from the crazy world, My little corner of this earth to come to and rant about what is on my mind. I want to inspire young ladies to do the same. It may not be in writing a Blog, perhaps pottery in your “thing” or in my case Baking and indulging in all my hard work the same day (Cake simply isn’t the same as the day it’s made) So, this is my first goal, keeping it personal and inviting everybody into my little corner to enjoy my crazy antics.

Goal 2

* Make the effort to blog at least 3 times a week.

I seem to have a crazy lifestyle outside of my corner, Work hard, Play hard and try squeeze a few moments of silence in between. I will be travelling a lot soon with my new training program at work, so I’m going to make sure I have a few spare moments somewhere in the madness to connect with all that enjoy reading my posts.

Goal 3

* Find my niche

Simple right? Not really… I seem to have a bit of ADD when it comes to deciding which way I want to swing this… I love baking and dancing but I haven’t posted anything of the sort. I want to create a Blog to inspire ALL ladies, however I can’t do that if I don’t make the effort to find inspiration myself. I will be making the effort and hopefully by the end of the year I will have found what makes me, ME!

So, there you have it. !st assignment done and looking forward to the next one tomorrow. I’m hoping to inspire more writers to make the effort I have and step out of their comfort zone for a little while to share their own crazy antics with the world of writing. I’d like to get in touch with ladies that aren’t on the same wave length as me and step out of my own comfort zone a little to bring a little piece of their crazy into my corner. Perhaps an interview with my grammar nazi of a friend, or a fashion blogger( I know too little about the madness of fashion these days) but I hope all that read my posts will enjoy my writing and have fun with the small piece of my crazy that I’m willing to share.

Until next time

x x x

❤ Lady K

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Make your face up….

Hi Ladies,

In trend with Halloween this month, I will be posting some exciting things for you all to have a gander at…

I found these awesome make up ideas some are creepy, others are cute and some are just down right scary (This may be fulled by my fear of clowns)

Here are some of the pics in the post

enhanced-6823-1413212414-4 enhanced-31673-1413233574-1

So check out the full post and get your make up on!!!



Until next time


x x x

❤ Lady K