I”M BACK!!!!!

Yes..I Know… I left you all… I am sorry but I’m back and that should make up for the few months I left you guys..

What? You want to know where I’ve been – Fine! I been helping out a young budding writer, boost her confidence and get her work out there!!

Please check it out! http://www.wattpad.com/story/24196887-the-principal%27s-daughter

Very interesting first story she’s putting out there and I’m trying to help get her to update – Yes, I know very hypocritical since I haven’t been updating but I promise to change…small steps ladies, small steps.

I’ve created a Wattpad profile to read some super interesting work from writers around the world and I have to say, I am super impressed! Who knew there was so much talent in the world just waiting to be shared!

Other news? Well I’m coming up on my first year anniversary in May so if anyone has some interesting and not over done ideas for a celebration, just let me know!

Looking forward to posting more often and getting to know all of you ladies better!


❤ Lady K