Your body has nothing to do with me

“Your body has nothing to do with me!”

A phrase not used often enough which makes me mad… Each person is going through their own struggle, each unique individual has their own demons to fight – Why should we add to them?

Why has it become a norm to criticize the next person about their figure? There are few things in this world that make me more upset then victimization! When you in the mirror, Do you see your flaws? Do you see your imperfections and want somebody to point them out to you? The last thing a person wants to hear out loud are the thoughts that are running through their our minds daily.

As woman, we should be supporting each other, loving each lady as they are… yet we look through magazines and compare! Every day there are woman looking at themselves through the eyes of others and its wrong… You are in control of your own body – Why should you be judging others?

I am making a mission for myself and calling for others to do the same – Compliment instead of insulting!!! Every day give a woman a compliment, It doesn’t need to be only one it could be every woman you speak to. Whether its something small like a compliment on their shoes or something as big as “You’re an amazing mother” Just compliment a stranger, somebody out the blue and make their day!

Lets spread some confidence around and smash the common norm of comparison!!!

Keep loving yourself and find it in yourself to spread some love too…

Until next time


❤ Lady K


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