Manic Monday

Hi Ladies…

After a refreshing weekend with my Husband, I thought I was ready for the Manic Monday ahead of me…boy was I wrong… A busy morning started early with getting my Husband up and ready for work – He has been off for a few weeks recovering from a motorcycle accident. The task was simple and wasn’t as hard as I predicted it may be.

Once arriving at work, The madness began… Staff weren’t available, making decisions and plans to create new plans and execute them efficiently… It worked out in the end… I then proceeded to a Management meeting which was suppose to last only a half hour… 2 hours later I walked back into my office and took 2 head ache tablets and analyzed the information I was just given…I was asked to travel around South Africa to all the sites allocated for my customer… Once there I will be teaching them the procedures I have implemented and complete training with all the staff members that will be utilizing my procedures daily…

WOW!!! What an amazing opportunity, I can not wait to start this journey and be able to travel to places I have not yet been… Although I will be working and there will be no time for sight seeing, I am still looking forward to travelling and having new experiences and meeting all the people I usually only converse with over the phone…

How was your Manic Monday??

until next time

x x x

❤ Lady K


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