This is Halloween, Everybody make a scene…

Hi Ladies,

I thought I’d do a more personal post this time, the creative juices are flowing a bit…

Since it’s Halloween, I decided to dedicate most of my posts to this scary holiday that so many of the world celebrate.

I won’t be posting pictures of my Halloween Party nor will I be spooking out my ladies with my weird outfit choice…unless I’ve tucked into the Troll’s bath for the evening and decided to post something (Look out for the Troll’s bath cocktail post)

I think my love for Halloween stems from my love of horror movies, The idea of putting on layers of face paint and make up to go with the wonderful outfits and special effects that seem to come in smaller boxes these days. I love playing around with my make up set, trying different effects and ideas – Thank you YouTube!

Not only do i have a love for horror movies but the special stories that flow out the mind of Tim Burton, I mean how awesome is the movie – The Nightmare before Christmas!!!! His movies are the only musicals I’d ever subject myself to simply because the songs are catchy and the characters are super cute!! Check out the opening number and tell me it isn’t an adorable take on Halloween – Here

There is this lovely moment I have while getting all dressed up, The one thing I can compare this to is getting ready for a Ball – Only scarier! This moment of looking at yourself in the mirror, a mess because the YouTube tutorials aren’t as easy as I thought they would be, but I’m completely satisfied. The mess ups just go with the outfit, everything that didn’t work out – Oh, Well I’m suppose to be dead!

I love the laughter and jokes that come with something that is meant to be scary. Life is scary, you might as well get as many good laughs and jokes you can out of it – The cocktails are an added bonus to help you enjoy the ride. One night at the end of a month, all people surrounding you are dressed in outrageous outfits and darted up with extreme accessories all for an evening of fun, laughter and scaring. The idea of a small moment of unity that breaks off from the scary outfit you’ve chosen for the evening is something amazing – Isn’t it?

Keep scaring ladies…

x x x

❤ Lady K

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