Ladies night


Where are the days of baking in a kitchen and ranting about the downpours of life without judgement…yeah i can’t remember them either. Well I’ve decided to create a little corner of my own to include all my favorite things in this life…Food, cocktails, beauty and let us not forget the amazing creation that are shoes….

I may rant a little… OK, maybe a lot however i will try my best to keep them short. We are always surrounded by beauty, but not everybody can see it. I’d like to inspire ladies to look for the beauty in life with this blog. The small cuddle from a loved one, sharing a deep conversation or perhaps those few minutes of peace you get when trying on a new pair of shoes for the first time…

I’ll love to interact with everybody who gives me a small moment of their time by reading this blog so comment, email me – let me know your thoughts and rants.

Looking forward to having you all in my little corner – I’ll bring the cocktails!


x x x

Lady K

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